Iyabeji Online Features Pamela Akinboboye (@teamicarella)

As working parents, there are times we might need some form of support at home, either with childcare or household work. However we would also like someone trustworthy and cultured enough especially if they would be taking care of our children; this is where @teamicarella comes in. This amazing young woman has dedicated her life to training the best maids/nannies for your home. in our feature, she tells us a little about herself, her family and how to hire a good nanny, enjoy! 

My Name is Pamela Akinboboye and my instagram handle is @teamicarella, I have a son and he is almost four. As a family we do
nothing specific really but we spend quite a lot of time together, so fun times creep into every activity we do as a family all the way from morning bath time to bed time

The inspiration for Icarella came about seven years ago while I educated women at antenatal classes on mental health care during pregnancy. I met women who had childcare needs, I decided to help and that’s how the vision was born. The name Icarella is a combination of letters from names of mothers close to my heart.

 I cannot say whether a live-in nanny is better than a live-out nanny because both kinds of in-home services have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, with the live-in nanny, parents experience less worry for time while they face the daily stress of work and traffic. For the live out nanny, parents can enjoy more privacy.  It all depends on the current needs and daily routines for the family. At one stage of life, a family may need more hands on support than they will at another time. There is also no better age to hire a nanny, it depends on the age of the child(ren) in care, and the preference of the parents. In most cases, younger nannies (ages 18-35) could be recommended as best fit for preschoolers and school age children as they are supposedly more energetic and creative, while older nannies (35- about 50) seem more suited for infants and toddlers as they are perceived to be more tolerant, patient and vigilant. However this is not cast in stone. All nannies come with very unique care giving techniques.

A Nanny Training Session
A nanny is no different from any other staff. To tell a good nanny from an interview all depends on what the employer is after. There are specific questions that expose true motives and values every potential worker has. Most employers can sense they are making good hiring decision even when the candidate selected has little or no experience. However if an employer hires in a hurry or out of desperation, there is a high possibility for error. Even after that, training and retraining your nanny is extremely important. The investment translates to benefit for your family. Children’s health, safety and optimal development in a nurturing environment depend on valuable lessons that aren’t forgotten over time. I’d recommend every nanny take short courses at least once every year. Three times yearly would be most ideal. Icarella is a Childcare Service Training and Placement Agency and we’ve been around and going strong since 2010! We pride ourselves in providing Families and Facility employers with professional Nannies at affordable costs and within flexible time frames. Not only do clients benefit from the high working standards from the nannies we provide, they also trust us to conduct thorough background and health verification as well as professional support for a successful relationship. Icarella is committed to the promotion of knowledge based childcare, thus the organization ensures all candidates are childcare trained and certified.

Our Services include:

In-home/School/Facility Nanny Placement
Nanny Screening Service
Childcare Training (Full and Short courses)
On- Call (Emergency) Nanny Service
Nanny Share Service
Event Nanny Service
Sales of Nanny Work tools

Parents and facility employers can hire nannies by visiting our website www.icarella.com. They can even view profiles if available candidates online. Employers can also register their nannies for training and monitor the entire training schedule, attendance and performance of their ]annies via our training site training.icarella.com
To benefit from educative and entertaining childcare materials or participate in polls and surveys, our blog is the place to turn to: blog.icarella.com
To shop for childcare uniforms and work tools, our online store is available: shop.icarella.com

There are many ways to get the best out of your nanny but here are 5;

·        Create a practical daily childcare schedule with your nanny and encourage her to maintain it by not constantly interrupting or changing the program
·        Respect the nanny’s need for a social life. Do not deprive her of off-days and agreed holidays.
·        Encourage your kids to respect the nanny’s position of authority over them. Do not shame or speak harshly to her in their presence
·        Don’t delay salary or pay in bits. Stick to the agreement.
·        Recognize, appreciate and reward, innovation, creativity and healthy contributions made to support you in giving better care to your kids. "Thank you" and "well-done" go a long way in improving the nanny-employer relationship.

If I was stuck in an island, 3 things I would like to have are my husband (though he isn’t a thing lol), a phone with active internet access, and insect repellent.